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Blood Up Is the First App for Blood Collection
— Arab Mobile App Challenge Competitor —

Mobile Management of the Request and the Collection of Blood, Coordination and Communications

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If you have never donated blood, or if you are still thinking, because you are not informed enough, Blood Up is the app for you! Blood Up is a fast and easy way to obtain information on blood donation.

Useful and colorful app that will guide you in the world of blood donation, with a little vampire that is ready to lead you to get the most out of the Blood Up app services, and to help you keep healthy. Blood up is an app that is very rich of helpful information yet its simple and intuitive graphic allows you to easily combine knowledge and entertainment, with lots of info on how to donate and save people’s lives, as well as a fun section that is dedicated to entertain you.

Blood Up the game, is very fun and challenging game in which you’re driving an ambulance to collect the blood drops scattered around the city and share the achievement with your friends.
The app is implemented perfectly with social networks. It also allows you to share information about the urgent needs for donation as well as receiving news from reliable sources, with up to date info on events that are organized to promote blood donation.

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  • Providing geo-located donation center, including blood donation vans.
  • Reporting donation centers nearby.
  • Push notifications.
  • Notification for emergencies situation.
  • “Who Can Donate? “test.
  • Statistic about percentage of blood donation.
  • Information on how to maintain your health.
  • Online game with premiums scores for donors.
  • Providing purchasable application with advanced features.

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